Sunday, March 30, 2014

New dog!

I finally got my own dog, and his name is David! He is a cocker spaniel mix, and has a loving personality. We rescued him from Life 4 Paws. He had a sister, Stella, that he had spent his WHOLE life with! Stella was adopted just weeks before we adopted David.

David has a collar with stitching's that look like magic cards! His leash is  a royal blue color that I adore.

David, of course, has a name tag. We got it from a machine in our local pet store. We got to choose the style (bone shape), and the style of text.

David is an amazing dog. He is very loyal, and loves me as much as I adore him.  He is attached to me, so much, that when I start running away, he follows. Also, David is VERY alert. When he hears the doorbell or the sound of my dad's keys to the house, he scurries to the door like a cheetah!

                                                             Do you have a pet?
                                                        If so, what is he/she like?

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                                                         Do you like their pets?

P.S. Did you notice I bolded all the subject pronouns? If you don't know what a subject pronoun is, one of my blogging buddies has a post about them. Here is the link: Peter's Plentiful Postings

Monday, November 4, 2013

Awesome 'Ap!

Awesome 'Ap!

Yesterday I came back from Ojai (O-hi). While at Ojai, my eye caught a interesting hut. There was a sign written "Chumash hut." My mom and I went inside. We were really impressed to see what Chumash native american tribes used to live in. The Chumash shelter was called an 'ap.' What was really amazing is that the whole 'ap was made of straw and hay! It reminded me of the three little pigs. Except the 'ap I saw won't be blown down by the big bad wolf.
photo by my mom

In the 'ap, there were tree stumps surrounding a fireplace. I thought it was a bad idea to make a house of straw and hay with fire in the middle. Luckily, when I looked up, there was a hole on the top. That was a very clever idea.

photo by me

Some facts about the Chumash huts are:

When it rained, the Chumash people would cover the top and door with animal skin or tulle (dry grass.)

 The 'ap was built in a dome like manner so that the rain would trickle down to the outside ground.

The houses were 12-20 feet tall, but the chief's was about 30 feet tall.

The 'aps were also made of willow poles with a hole on top covered with tulle.                              

                                              Have you ever seen a Chumash 'ap or hut?

                                                        Where did you see it?

                                          Do you have any more facts about 'aps? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Summer Artwork

Welcome back to school and to Chloe's Creative Corner! 

Over the summer, I really enjoyed  painting in the outdoors.  I also enjoyed sketching and drawing with pastels.

I love art! I am passionate about it because it helps me develop my own personality. It also helps me create memories and record my talents.

Here is a video I made to share some of my artwork from this summer with you:
Chloe's Summer Artwork on PhotoPeach  

I'm planning to have an art exhibit soon and to sell some of my artwork to raise money for the Talbert Family Foundation.  This is a great way to bring my passions for art and charity together.  I love the Talbert Family Foundation because they are so caring and they give 100% of the donations to local families in need.

Do you like art?

                                              What are you passionate about?
                                               What is your favorite charity?

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello, my name is Chloe. I'm 8 years old! My favorite wild animal is the Siberian tiger and my favorite pet animal is the King Charles Spaniel dog. My hobbies are art, swimming, and tennis. My favorite colors are black and magenta. I have 2 pets that are hamsters.  Their names are Cheetah and Jack. Here is a picture of Cheetah and Jack:

Photo by my mom
I mentioned one of my hobbies is art, and I adore it. When you draw or paint, you notice so much more about the world! Soon I'll share more posts about what/who I like to draw. :-p
Tell me about yourself! 
What are your hobbies? 
What's your favorite wild/pet animal?
        What is your favorite color?